Welcome to List Lemon!

At age 14, I started my first website. I taught myself HTML and launched a Beatles fan page. When I wasn’t chatting with friends on ICQ, I was researching my favorite band and interacting with a small group of readers from around the globe.

Now, as a married-with-kids-thirty-something, I work a few hours per week as a sports writer and photographer. My phone is always full of photos and the written word, with nary an outlet to share what I’ve collected. I’ve often toyed with the idea of returning to the interwebs, never taking the time to simply start. This blog is the realization of a long-time goal, and perhaps the motivation to follow through with accomplishing many of the tasks on my various to-do lists. I appreciate you joining me on the journey!

P.S. My best friend suggested the blog name thanks to my love of lists and Tina Fey’s 30 Rock heroine, Liz Lemon.