Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

I woke up today and realized I only have two days until Valentine’s Day to buy all the gifts for all my people.


But that’s why God made Amazon Prime, right? Here are some options for love day, whether you celebrate with your significant other, your gal pals, or your kids.

At least I bought the essentials: candy.

Seventeen years ago, my husband visited Belgium and returned with the best chocolates I’ve eaten (before or since). If you can’t hop a flight to Brussels tonight, ordering online is the next best thing.

I can’t decide if I like these sunnies (why does everyone suddenly call them sunnies?) for myself or for my kids. Maybe I’ll need three pairs. And best of all, when I inevitably step on my pair and break them, I’m out less than $10!

If you’re a budding photog, start small and try out this little lens for, that’s right, your phone!

My husband has been asking me for a QALO ring since he wore out his last one. These silicone rings are perfect for the outdoorsman or sporty dudes who otherwise refuse to wear a ring, probably because they claim they’ll lose a finger or something.

These Essie Nail polishes are giving me all the spring feels and would be great gifts for my girl squad. That is, if we gave one another gifts. Maybe I’ll start next year, friends.

And those gel pens! I might need a set for my daughters…so they will share with me.

If you love board games and don’t own Ticket to Ride – Europe, you’re missing out. I promise.

My husband gave me a set of these sheet masks for Christmas, and I have been loving them. I’m not a fan of the thick jar masks, so these are perfectly refreshing.

We like tea in our house. Enough said.

My daughters received a Shopkins Happy Places Pony after Christmas (exchanged for a Christmas toy that didn’t live). That poor pony never gets any rest for all the Shopkins playing with it. It needs a friend.

I like Carter’s jammies, and I particularly like them when they aren’t so holiday specific, like this set. Because I don’t care if Valentine’s Day is over or not, we’re still going to be wearing them.

My son eats nothing but these food pouches. He will be thrilled with a new installment.

Here’s a few items for the more traditional gift giver, with some champagne gummies and a nod to This Is Us thrown in.

Happy shopping!

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