Resources for a New Year

I love reading goal lists from others this time of year while I’m just beginning to formulate my own thoughts and plans for 2018. I also adore good resources to help me be mindful of how I will spend my days, so I wanted to share with you a few things I’m excited to use.



I received this book for Christmas and am already in love.

Each week of the year has its own journaling prompt, such as listing goals and dreams during the first week of the new year and listing favorite places in week 22. There are also weeks that feature more difficult questions, such as naming the trying moments in the past that shaped the future positively.

This book also reminds me of some of the questions I went through during a course I took this fall called “Like Your Life” from one of my favorite writers, Tsh Oxenreider. I was connected to an online community of others working through the same course, and we had weekly office hours with the author herself. We answered several questions designed to help us figure out what matters to us so we could properly decide what we wanted to say yes to, and how to say no to those things that didn’t fit our purposes. And while that’s a simplistic boil-down of the course, each step was challenging and refreshing and helped me uncover lost loves, such as music, and helped me set attainable goals for myself. For me, it was a bit of self care I didn’t realize I needed until I dove in, and I highly recommend. (I’ll add an affiliate link here soon, since a new class is about to enroll!)

Anyway, here’s another book I received:

This one isn’t dated and includes pages to list the things you like about yourself as well as the things you would change, favorite fashion trends, best gifts you’ve received, favorite teachers, and much more.

Do you like journals like these? Share your favorites in the comments!

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