A Few of My Favorite Things, On Sale!

Amazon Prime is my jam. I’ll do almost anything to avoid dragging three kids to the store, but I’m also thrifty. I noticed some of my favorite products are currently on sale, so I wanted to alert you, too!

Oh, and by the way, it’s double earnings week at Ebates, and that includes some categories at Amazon. If you haven’t signed up, do it here, and get $10 just for getting started! https://www.ebates.com/r/RINGOJ8?eeid=28187

The New Fire Tablet with Alexa is on sale today ($10 off!)

I’m picky about pens, but I love these for my planner. My kids try to steal them all the time, so at this price, I might get them their own set! We gave sets of these pens for teacher gifts this year (see my Instagram @Listlemon for a photo).

Speaking of planners, I use the Day Designer. This coordinating notebook is a great place for my various lists.

If you have kids who love mac and cheese, or if you’re like me and can quickly put away a box yourself, my fave Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese is currently $5.00 off, whether you choose to subscribe and save or not. You can also add the classic Annie’s mac and cheese to a Prime Pantry box (which isn’t totally organic but has organic pasta) for $1.00 per box.

I ordered this set for my son (yes, I said son) today after watching for a price drop for a while. We recently went to a play place where they sold this set for much more, and he adored it. Perhaps I’m raising a master gardener.

I’ve been researching fairy lights to include in my holiday decorating this year, and these are part of the daily deals.

I’m a baker, so this has been on my wish list for a long time and the price just dropped:

That’s all for now. Happy shopping!

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